Dough boxes... doughmate or others?

Hello Tankers,
I currently use the standard Doughmate dough boxes and am in need of ordering about 50 more, but being on the west coast, the shipping on them from NJ is over $700 on a $900 order. Yikes!

I know there are quite a few manufactures of dough boxes that are compatible with the boxes I use, but none of them that I have found have the cross-stacking tabs on them like my Doughmate boxes. These tabs make it very easy to cross-stack and reduce the chances of the stack falling especially when it gets moved around. Are there any other manufacturers out there that have the same cross-stacking feature?

Do any of the local food service brokers stock them?..

Have your tried getting a quote to ship them by truck on a pallet?.. … 83194.aspx Would this product work?..

Here’s where I order mine. Usually runs around $20 to $25 a tray with shipping to the west coast.


Thanks Royster
I have not gotten a quote for full pallet and I’m not sure if my order would make it. But that is the call I’ll make tomorrow when they’re open again.
As for the link, those are the boxes that most of the local supply houses carry. They have a flat top on them. I’m particularly looking for the boxes that have the tabs on them for cross-stacking. That way I can easily wheel them into the walk-in without having them fall over.

I see that they are made differently…The freight they want is stunning…I had a partial skid of stadium cups (10 cases) shipped from IL to WA for about U$225.00…Seems this vendor has not put much effort into getting you a good freight rate…

Please P.M. me and I’ll be glad to provide additional input.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor