Dough Boxes

Ok… here I go again. Dough boxes. Fiberglass? Polycarbonate? Polypropylene? Any suggestions as far as how well they hold up over time and ease of cleaning. Also, on a dough related note, I will be making two types of dough, the first being for a NY style pie and breadsticks and the second being for a Chicago style more flakey butter crust. I am confident in my process for the NY and breadsticks and for the making and storage for that dough. The Chicago dough I am still working on. I am thinking of making the batch of dough and separating it into balls and storing the balls in the actual baking pans. Using this method in a lightly greased stacking type pan and pulling the dough out to proof before use and hand forming it before final assembly should work well. If anyone would share their process or give me their thoughts on mine I would appreciate it greatly as the more info the better. Thanks again.

Most dough boxes work well the trick is to make sure the construction is good and that the stack tight. The other thing you want to do is make sure the help does not drag them on the floor, always use a dolly so as too keep the boxes dirt free and easier to clean.

I guess I would ask does anyone use the American Metalcraft Teflon Copolymer boxes over the other fiberglass or poly boxes out there. They all seem to be priced about the same. I am leaning towards the Lloyd or Cambro products right now but have a little interest in the Teflon boxes. I have found a couple of retailers that sell them for only a couple dollars more in quantity and if it saves on clean up, it’s probably worth the little expense. Thanks again everyone.