Dough Conditioner Suppier

I am located in Saint John, NB, Canada and am searching for a dough relaxer/conditioner. None of my suppliers have it or even heard of it.

Anyone have a line on conditioners and where I can buy?

Why do you think you need it? I believe many/most operators here have little use for such. But I do believe you can find it in the PMQ classifieds…

Most yeast manufacturers will sell a form of “dead yeast” as a very effective dough relaxer. You might contact Lesaffre Yeast Corporation. I don’t have a contact in Canada, but you might try e-mailing Sandi Cazalet, National Accounts Mgr. at and ask her if she can direct you to the right person in Canada. You might also contact Llemand Yeast at and ask them about the availability of “dead yeast” as a dough reducing agent.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I have heard that you can use pz-44 as a reducer with no effect on your dough’s taste.

Try this link: … 7&Click=85

Absolutely right, PZ-44 is a dough reducer consisting of L-cysteine (the active ingredient) and dairy whey. Typically, it is used at levels of 1 to 2% of the flour weight. To find out more about PZ-44 go to <>.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I have a bag of PZ-44 Dough conditioner you are more than welcome to got it 3 months ago and only used 2oz out of it for a thin crust recipe i was trying out and although it turned out a good pizzhut like thin crust i dont have a dough sheeter so it makes it really diffcult. so what i am saying is 50 pound bag of pz-44 free of charge if you payfor shipping from virginia or free if you pick up. by the way got it from ROMA PFG