Dough coverage?

What are you all covering your dough mass with while on the table, while cutting weighing and balling, to stop from skinning over or drying or crusting over. For many many yrs i have always just grabbed a garbage bag(new of course). Well i had a surprise visit from my health inspector yesterday(which is in a whole other story in its self & funny as hell) as we was doing dough and she was like umm no, use plastic wrap. Im like its the same freaking concept, what’s the difference ??? I dont grab a new bag every day and time i do dough, i keep the bag in another container to keep contaminants out and toss it after a couple of uses and get a new one.

are you letting it proof on the table before you cut otherwise it should not take that long…maybe let it proof in the bowl instead?

We don’t cover it. We just cut, round, and bag immediately

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No we are not proofing it, its just been a practice we have done for yrs, maybe i will just stop doing it. Yes it does only take us 15 minutes give or take.

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I’ve been told garbage bags have moldicides on them. We use bun pan bags as they are approved for food contact.

No all garbage bags, especially the ones i purchase

I use pan rack bags. They are large enough for any amount of dough.