Dough crispiness

I am using Hearth Bake Disks in an MM350. 517F for 5 min 10 seconds. Dough is 62% hydration. No sugar, no eggs, some malted barley.

When we first opened, pizzas came out on par with a deck oven, but the kitchen was 85 degrees.

We have since reconfigured the HVAC and now the kitchen is a delightful 75 degrees, but the pizza is no longer on par with a deck oven.

To simulate the previous conditions, I am considering putting my dough balls in a proofer after removing them from the walk in. Does this sound reasonable to you? If so, any recommendation on how to configure the proofer? My uncertainties are…

Should I even use it as a “proofer” or just as “hot holding”?

At what temp? 85F?

If I use it as a proofer, at what level of humidity should I set it.

Before the temperature in the kitchen went down, the dough balls could last outside of the fridge for about 4 hours before becoming difficult to handle (still made good pizza, but very gooey and hard to shape). Is there a holding/proofing scenario that can extend that time?