Dough divider & rounder

Has anyone used one of these ?? what is the best brand & model. Been looking online & ebay for an economical one but ones Im seeing and looking at for cost only does up to 6oz

The Scale O Matic S300 is the one that I would be looking for. There was an auction in Florida last weekend that had two of them. I couldn’t make it there but I doubt they sold for much more than $2500 or $3K.

Now do you really need a divider rounder? We’re going through fifty 50Lb bags of flour a week with just a rounder. On most days the extra time to clean the divider would not be worth it. Plus the hopper that you put the dough into is pretty high and awkward to get to. I would recommend anyone that does a goo volume to use a rounder but only the busiest places out there need to be looking at divider rounders.

I making 2 batches (100#) of dough a day, so yeah I would say I need one, I have extremely bad carpal tunnel and a bone spur in my thumb and since the move my hands are killing me

I cant find a person trust worthy enough to come in at nights to make the dough

OH and I just realized you said 50 - 50# bags a week, UGH… thats a whole lotta dough

Paul, do you use the R900RT or the R900T with rotating table ? Much difference ?

Hi Daisy:

the S 300 type of divider rounder is much more production than most pizza shops need.

It will stake you longer to clean that unit then you now spend hand dividing and rounding.

George Mills

I use the R900 T with the rotating table. Truthfully, I would prefer the regular R900 where I can place a stack of dough trays next to the rounder and have the rounded dough balls drop into the top tray. The problem with the rotating table is my employees have a tendency to not stop and tray the dough balls until the table is overloaded. The dough stack up and when removed are no longer tight like they are when just rounded.

Any suggestions then or advice. Production is rising everyday now that we are in the football season

in many operations, key prep time is before you open or between 2 & 5 in the afternoon…adjust the schedules & pre portion your ingredients & water…3 people s/b able to cut & round 2 batches in less than hour…while the 1st batch is being cut & formed, the 2nd batch s/b mixing…know how many of each type of DB you need b4 you begin mixing…one person s/b able to cut the proper size DB within 3 tries nearly 90% of the time…2 of the staff s/b able to round as fast as you can cut…CiCi’s standard is 30# of dough in 20 minutes…

Any suggestions then or advice. Production is rising everyday now that we are in the football season.
Get just a rounder, that is what takes the most time, and they are not as time consuming to clean as the divider.
I will check to see if I can find you a good reconditioned unit.
George Mills

For most people it takes them longer to round the dough pieces than it does to cut/scale them so in my humble opinion a rounder makes a lot of sense. When I taught in the AIB pizza seminar we typically made about four doughs based on 50# of flour weight each and we had absolutely no problem processing each of those doughs within the recommended 20-minute window of time by hand scaling and then just tossing the dough pieces into the A-M Rounder from which they came out nice and tight and reasonably round. A lot of store that I visit have these. They have a very small foot print, they can easily be moved out of the way when not needed, and there are only 4 parts to clean (you don’t need to be a Swiss watchmaker to disassemble/reassemble it). With two people, one cutting/scaling the dough and the other boxing it we can easily process 80-pounds of dough in about 15-minutes.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Sorry My reconditioner has no rounders at this time.
George mills

Thank You Tom & George.
I will look into the rounder. Tom is theA-M rorounder you mentioned above a good brand?? I process sizes from 5oz up to 24oz balls

I’ve used one for a good number of years and have never had any issues with it, plus I have a good friend who used one and except for some repairs that he had to make to one that he bought off of the internet he has not had any problems with his either. A-M Manufacturing <> is a very good and reputable company.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi everyone, not sure how this ended up but has a wide range of divider/rounders with electrical and sanitation certifications.

They are manufactured in Germany and fully supported for over 27 years out of Clifton, NJ. If anyone has any questions, please reach out!