Dough doesn’t rise

Its Winter in Australia now.
We frement the dough for 24 hours but somehow
Doigh didnt rise a lot these days
I feel the dough is pretty stiff and dry too

Try to add more yeast, sugar and reduce salt. Also add little bit more water. The ideal temp to raise is about 26*c

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@carlos56 is right. try warmer water and try to find a warmer spot for your dough to rest while it ferments, such as near a heater.


@Jerrell you touch the right point, spot your dough to a warmer space is very help full in winter.

Yep i will check
But in winter , shop is fully cold its a little warmer near the oven
So will do put them near oven

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@Raj1 In winter, the cold can significantly impact how dough rises. To assist in the process, locate a warm spot such as an oven with only the light on, and consider allowing it more time around 36 to 48 hours to ferment. If your dough seems tough and dry, try adding a small amount of water gradually until it feels softer and more stretchy.

you might also use more then usual yeast to make up slow fermentation