dough formula for vcm

Hi guys:

I know there has to be a formula for pizza dough when using a VCM type Mixer but I cannot find it in the archives.

Can you help me?

George Mills

Isn’t that like someone from PETA asking for a roast beef recipe?
You’re not going to cook your pizza in a middleby marshall oven are you?

the dough recipe in a vcm is about the same as other mixer
you can use about 25 pound of flour in a 40qt vcm
put flour in mixer
Use active dry yeast instead of instant - hydrated in a little warm water
after 10 minutes add remaining water which should be icy cold and stir in salt and sugar
pour into mixer, pour in oil and mix at speed 1 with dull dough blade for 90 - 120 seconds

for more info see