Dough hook broken

Im wondering if all 60qt bowls and hooks are the same size and if it would be possible to weld two different hooks together to make one. My mixer is very old and i cannot find a new hook anywhere if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. as far as same size goes (is the circumference of the hook while its spinning the same on all hooks, Is the lenght the same on all hooks)

I had a broken hook that I took to a local machine shop to get fixed. They charged me $50 and it is as good as new. A replacement hook would have been $150.

You may want to call the manufacter and just see if they have a replacement hook and or where to get it.

I think we had one of our hooks repaired but it would have been years ago.

What is the make of your mixer?

it is a century mixer very old though i cant even find century on the net

hey thanks for the feed back. well sold the old mixer for $100.00 bucks and bought a refurb for 4300.00 (Hobart) only paid five hundred for the first one and got 7 years out of it. guess i got my monies worth

Nice. Enjoy the new one.