Dough Hook Stuck on Hobart 600

Okay…I cannot be the only shop owner that has run into this. I have introduced Gluten Free pizza in my pizzeria and have found that we have become far to busy to keep making this specialized dough in our Kitchen Aid mixer.

With that said, I purchased a batter beater and went to remove the dough hook and it would not budge. Has anyone ran into this and how did you get it to come off.

I have tried heating it…based on suggestion
I have tried letting PB Blaster soak into the shaft…no luck\

HELP…my allergy suffing kid and my customers are out demanding my Gluten Free pizza and I need to make larger batches.


We have often found that it was necessary to us a saws all and cut frozen dough hooks off the mixer shaft.

When I was a kid we could not afford to buy glue so we used flour and water. It dries to a consistency of cement.

You should remove the hook after each usage and clean the hook and the shaft.

George Mills

aaaaaargh…I have heard this also. I really dont want to buy another 100.00 hook