dough i found tucked away in cooler

i made up a batch of big daves old faithful dough and put it in a bucket.
that was 5 days ago,well we gave it a try today,i could not believe how good it was.

is any one using this formula?

i might switch to this method of dough management.

every one here in my kitchen was skeptical because the smell was overwellming when i opened the bucket,kind of like a bars dumpster on a hot july afternoon.

I use my dough a minimum of 2 days in the cooler, but 5/6 days is probably the max, as the dough/yeast begins to blacken…we go thru too much dough to have it around much longer than 3 days, but some of the small DB have been used in that time frame…

aged dough tastes better & cooks/browns better, IMHO