Dough Issues (Any Help)?

I make my dough the night before and not sure if i should start making it in the morning. We have a great tasting product but my issue is my 16 and 14 inch dough balls are getting so big you are not able to tell what they are but yet the 10 and 12 inch balls are a perfect size and no issues. I tried to cut back the sugar and thinking about removing it… can anyone help???

You should post your bakers percentages on your dough and your proofing process.

agree with tkelly, give us the recipe and process and we can analyze better. I will say though that when my dough over proofs from an overnight cold fermentation is that the dough is either too hot coming out of the mixer or my walk in is not cold enough.

I’m not bragging, I’m just genuinely confused. Dough “blowing up” is something that seems to be discussed regularly in pizza circles and I have never had dough blow up, ever. We mix, rest for 30 minutes, divide, ball, and straight to the walk in. Never had a blow up.

The only thing I can think of that others seem genuinely surprised by is that all of our water is at walk-in temperature, except for a small amount of water at about 80 degrees that we use to “bloom” the yeast. Perhaps the fact that our water is so cold precludes a “blow up”.

if your using cold water you are unlikely to ever have your dough blow up. It is almost always because of dough getting too warm for too long.

We’ve start to use cold fermentation. The crust rolls great, but when cooked, looks a little pale. What should I do to help create a more golden crust? Any help is appreciated!

How long do you cook for? What kind of oven? Do you have sugar in your recipe? What is temperature of oven? Do you use screens or pans?

does your dough recipe have a browning agent in it? Sugar or malt help a lot with the browning process.

Why do you rest the dough for 30 minutes. Tom told me in a email to ball it up and refrigerate in 20 minutes. Thats what I have done for 6 years.

My method is derived from Tony Gemignani’s The Pizza Bible. He actually lets the entire dough ball rise for an hour and then doesn’t divide it. He refrigerates it for a day and then “degasses” it before dividing.

That was impractical for me so I tinkered around until I reached my current method.

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