Which should we buy and which one to stay away from?

there are so many to choose from and most work well,
decide which type, planetary(90% have), spiral, cutter, or barrel.

I have a planetary and a barrel mixer.
The barrel mixer takes a little longer, not a critical factor. The pros and cons are negliable(sp). Less headache and in the long run perhaps less expensive to go with a new one. Taking risk with a used ones, might be buying someone elses problems. Be careful there.
Any type will work, learn about them and pick the type that suits you best.
hope that helps,

Personally, I’d stick with Hobart - if you buy used & get it reconditioned from a reputable source (most Hobart dealers will carry used ones), a 60 Qt Hobart is darn near indestructable.

For what it is worth I agree with those who endorse the Hobart Mixers.

George Mills