dough off the mixer temp

how much slower is the fermentation when the dough comes out of the mixer at 65 instead of the more ideal approximately 83 degrees ?
everything else being the same,


As you know, yeast activity increases at an exponenantial rate as the temperature increases, or decreases. I don’t have any specific numbers, but I can say that it wil be significantly slower at 65F than at 83F. When the temperature gets up to around 90F better grab onto your shoe laces beacuse it is going to be a pretty fast ride, or should I say “rise”.
Tom Lehmann/TDD

sounds like the cooler side is better than too warm…
came off at 65 degrees today, I followed your recommended procedure and they are nested at 39 ndgrees…probably be 48 hours before I use it, will bring to room temp a little longer on those,

Don’t “bring to room temperature”, instead, allow the dough to “temper AT room temperature” for an hour to 90 minutes before you begin using it. The dough can then remain at room temperature (covered to prevent drying) for about 3 hours while you’re using it.
Tom Lehmann/TDD

Hi Otis
I was reading in one of Peter Reinhart’s books, that a 17 degree variance in temperature, doubles or halves the proofing time of bread respectively. Don’t know if you need the info, but it’s kinda interesting.

I take them from the refrigerator for about 90 minutes and use them up in the next 2 or 3 hours…
We have some slow spots now so after about 3 hours out, I sometimes return them to the refrigerator to keep from overfermenting…
don’t know if that is the best way to save dough, maybe not…
I have 3 sizes, trying to figure out how many of wach side to have out seems like more luck than guessing right…getting steadier should help that…thanks for the information on the time,

What I normally do is to take those dough balls that you 're not going to use and open them up into skins, place them on screens, and then on a wire tree rack in the cooler. Once the dough has been formed into skins they will cool down quite well. As a dough ball, they are very slow to cool down and don’t hold very well. After the skins have been in the cooler for about 20 to 30 minutes, slip a bag over the rack and they’re good to hold until the next sales period. We have found that they don’t hold-up overnight very well though, but 2 to 5 hours is not a problem. To use the refrigerated skins, remove from the cooler and allow to warm for about 20 minutes at room temperature or place in warm spot for about 10 minutes. You can then bake on the screen or transfer to your baking disk, pan, or prep peel. As always, you might need to tweek this procedure for your specific shop conditions.
Tom Lehmann/TDD

“Don’t “bring to room temperature”, instead, allow the dough to “temper AT room temperature” for an hour to 90 minutes”


I take a my standard dough box with dough balls out of the refrigerator, top it with a cover or an empty dough box, and let it sit out at roomm temperature. After 60 to 90 minutes, it is ready to use and will be for about 3 hours at room temperature, covered in the box.
I got the WRH boxes, they are good ones.
To verify, that 60 to 90 minites when first out is the “tempering time”?

I also keep it covered during that time after tempering till I use the dough balls.
I did get some clear covers which helps a lot.
glad your’e back,

Correct. When you first take the dough balls out of the cooler, that begind the tempeing period.

thank you, Tom, just wanted to make sure

…now if I could just figure out how many dough ball of the 3 sizes I sell to take out…should be easier to predict in time,