Dough Organization/Proofing

We are on the cusp of opening another store, but a new brand. Instead of our traditional dough process (rolling dough balls in flour, bagging each one and putting them on full sheet pans and racks in the walk in) we are going to be utilizing dough boxes and oiling the dough balls after rounding. We will be using a pizza press so we understand it to be that we must oil the dough ball at some point before the press.

Anyway, we’re looking at an 8oz dough ball, how many would be recommended to put in a dough box so they don’t rise into a giant glob of dough together. My initial thoughts are 3x6 or 4x6.


Our smallest is a 10oz dough ball and we put 11 of those in each box. 4 down each side and 3 down the middle.


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we use a press and do not oil our dough balls just in the dough…our balls are bigger 3x5 and we use sheet pans and bag the entire sheet pan

Could you post a picture of how you wrap the tray. We wrap each ball individually. I e attempted to wrap the whole tray but it didn’t work out for me.

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Id imagine these bags would work really well to cover the whole sheet pan


thanks for posting that from USF since they are cheaper than where I was getting them. They look like the same dimensions but mine say 21x6x35 Clear Bun Pan Covers

We just used ‘saran wrap’ way cheaper. 1600’x24"