Dough Patch Kit

Someone mustve stole it because my insiders cant find it anywhere in the walkin or dry storage.


Yes if you look under the cheese just right of the veggies and then move the sauce and little down to the left you can find :smiley: it!

I store my dough repair kit in the walk in cooler. I always keep it in a red plastic box on the top shelf for easy access.


funny…back in the day ('69?) I was working 4 Chicken Delight…we also did pizza…we use to spin the pie just a little bigger than reg size…

after it came out of the oven, we cut a slim sliver of a slice (out of the center), and brought it down to normal size…

all done for “sampling/quality control” purposes of course…

stupid question, but what is a dough repair kit?

___) Got one on the hook!

As soon as someone finds the dough repair kit, we’ll all gather around close to the next pizza for a class in SPEED SAUCING.


I keep mine beside the pan stretcher.

I prefer the “positive-visualization” technique myself…

stupid answer: the kit for repairing the dough.

I carry two sizes, the 16" and the 12" . . . the 12" works for the 10" size just fine. I found out they expire, and have to be replaced, so I send the pizza guy in to check the dates every six months like clockwork. Anyone have a shelf stable kit?

My wife thinks we shouldn’t be sharing these trade secrets with the new guys.

I am going to change suppliers because they increased the price this last time by 50% and with the expiry dates so close I have no choice.

Reminds me of the time i asked my prep cook to bring me a bucket of melted ice…


Like that one, keep mine next to the box stretchers.

You folks need to keep your day jobs because you are not funny…lol…

Day job? I thought this was a night job kind of business.

Oh I forgot I no longer work nights and weekends…

We store ours in dry storage, on the top shelf…but no ones seemed to replace it.

true story…

One of our new servers, an 18 yr old, yes she received her diploma.
Had only two questions over two shifts…

  1. Why does this tea smell so much like coffee?
    We showed her the “bigger” bags were tea and the baby bags were coffee!

  2. Held up 2 bags of tea and asked how to tell which one was sweet!
    URGH, I couldn’t resist…
    I told her no silly, you must sweeten it after it’s brewed, as I handed her the box of one ounce suger packets!

Then there is always the pitche rof newmatic fluid!
LOL, have some fun!

Guys, y’all are just plain mean! See if I ever refill the blinker fluid in your car again!

Oh man blinker fluid is the best prank in the world…

I once told a prep that we were out of bologna for our fried bologna sandwich (dont ask, the college kids LOVE it) and that he would have to unroll some hotdogs as flat as possible so we could get the orders out…

He literally stood there for 20 mins trying to peel them into a spiral so they’d flatten.

I have a story that takes the cake! My general manager thought it would be funny to have a driver wash all the empty cheese boxes!! Because he had to send them back to the commissary to be refilled. This guy actually did this for 3 days!!! I had to tell him I couldn’t watch him anymore just stupid!!!

once,i had a server who asked
“is there water in the soda pop”