Dough Patch Kit

We tell our new employees that they have to slice the muchrooms on the meat slicer.

And if anybody does want to purchase a dough patch kit let me know I sell them for 6.95 but if you buy more then 10 I will give you a 10% discount.

My vendor quit stocking the cans of steam for my steam table. Does anyone have a source i can use?

Years ago (in the early fifties) my late dad had an old fashioned barber shop in Sydney with the red and white striped poles outside.

As a joke he sent his apprentice to buy some new red and white striped paint. Of course the paint shop sent him to another who sent him to the hardware store who sent him to another and son on.

The apprentice didn’t return to work that day or the next so Dad went around to his home to see what happened. The poor kid was too scared to go back because he couldn’t find the paint.


We have a navy base a short drive away and a few of the guys were in the other day talking about a batch of new recruits. They had sent a guy to the machine shop for a load of Fallopian tubes. I guess he was sent around for 4 hours to different shops on th base.

I keep my dough repair kit in the basement. Should it be refridgerated? I suppose I have some space next to the cases of double cheese.

As an apprentice I was asked by a tradesman to find a long weight for a benchsaw in our workplace.

I went to the engineer and asked for one. He confirmed I was after a long weight and not a short one.

He told me to “wait” there a while and he would get one. Another tradesman came along about 30 minutes later asked if I was sure I wanted a long weight and not a short weight. The boss came along and asked what I was doing and I told him I was after a long weight. He asked if I had been “waiting” long.

As a young niaive kid all of this went over my head until someone explained it too me about three hours after I had been sent away.

Everyone had a good laugh at my expense for quite a while :lol:

We now have trouble with our young staff finding the skyhooks to hang the pepperoi sticks on.


LOL! One of my mangagers sent a driver with my huge pot next door to the cigar shop to get a bucket of steam. He did it! I was angry at first but that was a big laugh after it all steamed out!