Dough Prep Table?

Hey everyone, I was wondering what types of tables you are using to prep/form your pizzas on. I know the traditional Maple tops are still in high use and a lot of places use poly, but I am curious if anyone is using anything else? I think I remember reading about someone using Corian a while back. So if you would, give me your impressions about what you are using and the pros & cons of it all. Thanks. :mrgreen:

One of our stores uses Silestone and this will be the route I go with my next slap table. The pizza slide very easily on it with minimal flour. Silestone is harder than Corian leading to less scratches. Silestone is non porous so it does not need to be sealed on a regular basis like granite. If I couldn’t use Silestone, I would just stick with a stainless top table.

Steel. Tough. Easy to clean. Health dept does not really like anything else.

Same here.

I have Corian on my Marsal. It’s great, I have never seen a pizza made on a Metal table. Not saying you can’t or shouldn’t. Here in NY I see marble. Marble isn’t NSF approved so just like granite I’d stay away. Corian is approved.

We use twin stainless tables on rollers we picked up for around a $100 each from SAMS for our dough prep and one for the cutting table.

Ditto for me too. I’m a big fan of stainless steel tops, for all the same reasons mentioned. Whatever you end up looking to purchase, be sure to run it across your local health department first to make sure they will approve it. I’ve seen cases where A, B and C were using wood tops and when D bought a wood top table, the local health department wouldn’t approve it. The reason being that they were no longer allowing the wood top tables and A, B and C were grandfathered in. Always check first.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Tom as usual makes a good point. Just because some other shop is using a particular item , product , or procedure does not guarantee that your inspector will approve it.To paraphrase the carpenter’s saying “check twice buy once”

George Mills