Dough Press DP1100

Currently my Pizzeria is using a somerset dough sheeter. I’m not to happy with the results it seems to make our thin crust dough tough and it makes it brown unevenly. I went to a used restaurant depot and picked up a dough press DP1100. I’m happy with the results (beautiful brown on the bottom as well as crispy and fluffy) but my biggest issue is getting the shell to press evenly. It wants to make the edge thicker than the center. If any of you know midwest pizza understand that this is an issue. (I’m talking about marion’s or donato’s style pizza) I use a 16oz dough for a 16" inch pizza same for a 14" 14oz dough ball. should i change the weight of the dough ball? should i lower or raise the heat on the top platen? (currently 150 degrees) should the dough be room temp or straight from the reach-in dough cooler. Any advice is welcome thanks for reading!

Im not sure what to say, I dont know how it can make the center thinner. It should press it out evenly. What if you adjust the thickness does that change it so it is more even? I press my dough after it has rissen and then pan in and put it in the cooler and have never had a problem with the edges being thicker.

I use both units - CDR2000 + DP. There is a mold available for the unit in order to produce the raised edge - essentially a disk that is placed on the bottom platter. The way it works is as you press, the dough flows over the edge of the disk (downward) to form the edge. That is the only way I am aware of to produce a raised edge on the DP presses. If you do not desire a raised edge. Remove the disk and press with the upper and lower platter only. 150 is the recommended temp and that is also the temp I use. It really varies with dough temp though where I use 150 for a 55 degree dough. If your dough is more “room temp” then you can lower the platter temps I suspect. Keep in mind that the machine is pressure sensitive and pressure first sets off the timer. If you dough is cooler at press time, the timer will go off earlier as opposed to a warmer dough. You need to experiment to get the hang of it. Dough formulation also makes a difference in how it presses.

Also I do not understand how using the press will result in a browner crust over the sheeter - all things being equal (thickness, oven spot, cook time, including using the exact same batch of well mixed/blended dough on both machines) I’m not sure how that can happen.


The edge is not thicker than the middle…

Sheeters will degass the dough more than a press, hence less of a rise in the oven…

The press’ edge rise is due to no toppings on the edge to limit the rise…

Always have your dough near room temp, or 60 degrees or so, as it will flow better & have less snap back.