Dough Press - Pizza Bob

I hopped to a new thread so as not to pirate that one.

I have been hand stretching since we started 3+years ago. A sheeter for our volume of business is years to Return on Investment (ROI). I would have to find a place to put it, schedule time to use it in the prep process and so on. We stretch and slap manually.

It does take a longer training and practice period for people to be able to manage that skill and technique, but that is what I am willing to do for now. If our volume jumps dramatically, I might see trying a sheeter to “open” the dough up for final slap and stretch. I don’t want to use it as exclusinve dough handling as it will tend to de-gass the dough and make it tough and chewy . . . not the profile I am looking for in my pies.