dough press question

i will be opening soon and are wondering about dough pressing or hand tossing. im working with a friend in restuarant equip business for 25 years and has only sold a hand full. is pressing only for pan pizza or can you press and dress it put it right in the oven will be using baker pride double deck. it seems alot of people are pressing and putting it away for later use. is this what a press is really used for and hand tossing is strickly for right in the oven. i read so many articles ,messages about pressing and it seems that pressing is for certian things. hand tossing in any situation. so i guess im asking if i want to press all my pizza all the time no hand tossing dough pro press , press it dress it stick it in the baker pride oven is this going to give me a very good or better product than tosing .

I’ve written an article that addresses all of your questions. If you go back into the Archived Articles you will be able to locate it. You can use a press for either thick or thin crusts, or anything in between. Hand forming is a lot cheaper, but you must learn how to do it, and some people seem to be intimidated by this. As for speed, Pressing is a bit faster, but a person good at hand tossing a dough skin ain’t no slouch. Do be advised that your dough formula might need to be modified slightly to press well. The dough must be a bit softer and more relaxed for pressing than for hand forming. The heated press is so popular for making pan style, thick crust pizza because the heat that the press puts into the formed dough helps to speed up the rising (proofing) of the dough in the pan.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor