dough pro

does anyone here have any experience with a dough pro or dough press

owned a dough pro many, many yrs. ago…didn’t like it, due 2 my lack of understanding…went back 2 using a sheeter…

then I learned/began to hand-toss w/o sheeter…volume operation…

several yrs ago I used a Somerset press @ CiCi’s…got pretty fast…trick is in using proofed/aged dough…a bit faster than hand tossing…decent job once you figure out…

Hey, check out

Expensive but cheaper then a primadonna pieman. Oh yeah, super quiet too, doesn’t say a word, doesn’t hick-up or gas, it is quiet all day long and always ready to work.

Put one in 2 months ago and am happy as can be. My pieman was a little annoyed but now that he doesn’t suffer from upper-back pain, he loves it.

If interested, call David at Global Industries, 209-824-4680


please tell me how you use your cuppone. what sizes of dough etc…


We started out with a used doughpro… It didn’t work out so well… We now use a $5 rolling pin/combo of hand tossing :slight_smile:

  • Rob

use daily wouldnt trade it for a rollin pin new girls catch on quick even my 8 year old can hammer out doughs :smiley:

I use a dough pro press and love it. I wouldnt think about doing it by hand. I put my dough ball in pull down the handle and in 2-3 seconds it is spread out and ready to go into a pan.

I use a dough pro as well, for me I love it cuz I can leave my dough in the cooler, press it out and wella, no blown dough!

Hmmm I guess I am just old school. First the raw meats and I slap my own dough…

I have worked in a couple of places that used a sheeter but in my places we toss by hand or use a rolling pin and finish by hand according to the preference of the guy on the line.

I copied this from another thread, I believe titled “average ticket,” where it seems to have been placed in error.

I find that strange that they say it leaves a skin on it. I have used mine for 8 years and have not had that problem. The only time there is a bit of a skin on it is if I dont cover my dough up within a minute or two. Maybe that is the problem for them?

I too have had no problem with dryness. But I like pizza guy (HI WAYNE!) press my dough to order and sauce right away, maybe that is the problem?