Dough REcipe for bulk?

I’ve been browsing this forum for a quick and easy start up recipe. I am in abit of trouble here…I just partnered up with someone and its crunch time for opening.

I use to have a system of some sort but have long forgotten how.

I need a recipe for start up, maybe something for my 20 quart hobart.
please help.

Thx in advance

Try the recipe bank. There are several dough recipes there that may fit your style of pizza.

Did I read that right…20-quart mixer for a store??? You will wear the poor thing out just trying to pay the utility bill.
A 60 or 80-quart mixer is much better suited for store operations if we are talking about a pizzeria.
For a 20-quart mixer, your dough size will need to be based on something like 5-pounds of flour weight for a pizza dough, this will give you only about 8-pounds of dough, or enough for about a dozen 12-inch, thin crusts per mix.
A 60 or 80 quart sixe will mix 40 to 50-pounds of flour in a single dough, giving you 65 to 81-pounds of dough to work with from each batch.
If you don’t find the type of dough formula for the type of pizza you’re wanting to make, let me know and I’ll try to help you.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor