Dough recipe from Scratch

Is it possible that someone share the dough recipe process from start till end.
I am sure that the ingredients in dough is good.
But still lacking somewhere if i make dough a day before it get dry a lot when comes out of the oven.
If i make on the same day then it takes a lot of time to rise.
Not sure Where is something wrong.

Please tell me exactly what you are presently doing and also be sure to tell me about your oven, gas, wood, electric, commercial pizza oven or something else, grid, steel or stone deck or conveyor, baking time and temperature.
Be as specific as you can regarding your dough formula and dough management procedure.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi Tom
We use to use 00 flour but as we conversate before i changed it to normal flour that has already sugar in it.Recipe flour 100%
Sugar changed to 4% in total
Salt double from135 (1.06%) to 270
Yeast same1.6% we use Fresh yeast (cake form) i order 3 time in the week to get new .
Oil 1%
Pans seasoned
Using commercial conveyor oven
Belt time of baking 243 on 8 mins 40 sec

But in summer i am thinking to do 250 on 7 mins belt( summer starting in Australia in two months)

Now crust color is very good we never get complained from almost 4 months that pizza not cooked. ( Thank you so Much for the Recipe)
Now the problem is dough not rise up fully.
Its winter here.
We keep the dough racks almost 2 hours on Room temperature for rise up.
If we keep too longer it blows off.

I am trying to get some online classes but all in vain no success.
I hope i will get some help for the dough to rise up. And pizza will be fluffy when come out of the oven.

What is the dough weight and what is the diameter of pizza you are making? Also please send a picture of the dough in the pan as well as a picture of the baked pizza.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Dough Ball weight is 350 gm
And diameter is 13 inch

You need to dock your pizza I think

I tried again
Flour 100%
With water 60%
Yeast .6% in first batch and 1% in second batch
Salt 1.75%
Sugar 3%
Oil 2%

Fermented for 24 hours.

Dough rised well.
Baked with brown colour but when i made a vegetarian pizza with all veges. It taste so much hydration or seems a watery dough.

That was like i cant taste the dough. It just melts.
Not sure it was correct taste or not.

Veggie pizzas and air impingement ovens are a good match but you still need to bake the veggie pizzas correctly or saute the veggies prior to adding them to the pizza. If using raw vegetable toppings, depending upon your existing top finger profile, you may need to experiment with a different baking time and temperature (longer bake at a lower temperature) to help dry off the moisture released from the vegetable toppings. In some cases, depending upon the top finger profile, you might even need to look at changing the top finger profile to flow more air across the top of the pizza. If you find that your crust is getting too much color when trying to dry off the vegetables you can change your baking platform to a solid pan or possibly even one with a bright (shiny) color. Generally, a little experimenting will show you the way to effectively resolving the problem caused by the moisture release from the vegetable toppings.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor