Dough Recipe Help

Hi, new here and my 1st post… I’m looking for a dough receipt (I know there a dough bank) I’ve searched and can’t find what I’m looking for

I’m operating a food trailer… I’ve got a Bakers Pride Stone Deck oven, mixer etc

I’m looking for a recipe that doesn’t require being refrigerated over night as I’m space challenged. Mix rest and sheet maybe??


25 pds flour
16 pds water 63%
228 g yeast 2%
228g salt 2%
228g oil 2%
115g sugar 1%

water 85 degrees if room and flour is 70 degrees
in other words 90 degree finished dough.

Those Bakers Pride ovens are some of best. I got to use a similar one about a year ago for an event.

Have you tried the recipe below? We added Garlic and Herb butter towards then end . And received a lot of good feedback. For very little effort, I am sure we will do it again.