Dough recipe / yeast / Flour Discussion

Hey guys, so I am in the beginning stages of deciding on the components for my dough recipe…

Curious to hear what your favorite flour is and what crust you make with it?

Does anyone mix high gluten with 00 flour?

What is your favorite brand/flour/etc for making NY style dough and why?

What is your recommended yeast for NY style crust?

Any other tips/recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

use Luigi High Gluten flour

Traditional Hand Tossed

All Trumps…hands down! When I sold food, my bakers/pie guys bought it over any other brand…I tried others from time to time, but allways quickly returned to AT…


what difference did you notice when you used other flour and then switched back?

All Trumps is a higher protien flour, able to absorb more water for one…another is the texture…a bit tougher, but that wad what I was looking for at that time…I was in the wholesale biz & we did some diff things with the dough…after that, it was an overall performance/consistenacy thing…I’ve used Bouncer, King Arthur & others, but AT is the only flour I use…

I mix flours, but not with a tipo 00, or even an imported flour.

I’ve tried 100% all trumps, and I was not pleased with what I got out of it. I am betting it may work wonderfully for a sheeted crust though.
I am using 75% bouncer & 25% APF (Sysco H&R) blend to get what I want

GotRocks formula is def a ‘softer’ chew than 100% All Trumps…

We use king arthur special flour its not a high gluten but it has a 12.7% protein so it has a bit of a chew if that is what you are looking for. I have tried lots of different flours and for me the flavor that you get out of this flour is amazing. king arthur is also unbleached unbromated and its non gmo so it can also be a very good selling point.

How are you sourcing your KA and what size bags are you getting?

i like AT 70% and caputo 00 30% for neo-newyork. 65% hydration…

We get it from a local distributor they come in 50# bags. I found them on KA website. You can look them up here and see if there is one close by you

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