dough roller question

Has anyone used a roller with Chrome or Synthetic rollers? If so, which is better? Specifically not sticking to the roller. Also, does one hold up better then the other?

I currently use an ACME and I believe they are stainless. Works pretty well, but need to replace the scrapers pretty often and they are a total ripoff.


I have two acme rollers and I have never replaced the scapers. In fact I don’t have them on one of my sheeters at all and its never been an issue

Don’t know about any other kind, but I’ve had synthetic rollers and never got dough stuck. Never had scrapers, and could even send a doughball through without dusting it with flour (at the end of the night, when all the clean up had been done) with no trouble whatsoever.

Hi Imnothipp:

Our clients prefer the synthetic rollers.

They appear to hold up as well as the chrome. No complaints received.

George Mills