Dough Roller/Sheeter Never Used One

Looking to purchase one but I need some reassurance before spending the money. Would like some input from users with experience with these machines before I start calling the manufacturers.

I currently go straight from cooler to rolling pin. I was looking at a Somerset 2500 Dough Roller but can someone explain the difference between their dough rollers and dough sheeters?

Being that I already use a rolling pin I don’t believe the roller would change the finished product at all.

Does anyone have experience with these machines going straight from cooler?

I also have two accounts that each require 80 - 100 full sheet pizzas delivered every week. Would one of these machines be able to handle a 3 pound dough and roll out the dough the length and width of a full sheet pan?

I’m looking to speed up the process of stretching out the full sheet pizza orders as well as make it easier for newbies to help out on the oven. Do you think this machine could do the job?

If you are currently using a rolling pin than this would be a no brainer. We have been using this process for 40yrs using dough straight from a cooler.
Based on how they have them classified on their website you should be looking at a Roller although most people like me refer to them as sheeters

I have not used anything bigger than 2lbs but it should be able to do most of the work in much less time & effort. The 2nd pass makes the circle shape so if you are looking for a rectangle you might have better luck with just using the first pass. Might be worth making a trip to Mass for a test or at least a call. They are very knowledgeable and helpful.

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I think you would be a perfect candidate for a dough sheeter.

We used to use a rolling pin to roll out a 12oz dough into a 17” round to bake into a homemade wrap. The wraps became so popular we bought a sheeter to make the job easier… it did make it so much easier. We bought a Doyon 2 stage 18” sheeter.

Make sure you buy the style (all front or side style) thats going to make most sense for your setup.
Im unsure what type of rollers (metal or plastic) are superior

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What make and model to you use?

Somerset CDR-2000
the largest pie we do is 18"

We use the CDR 2000 and make a 20"

Rico if your going to get a sheeter, you should look into making ypur own thin n crispy pizza. pizza hut 1980’s style. with sheeter pans. and 40% hydration dough. I think they would be a big hit.

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I have a dough sheeter that you could try out.
Give me a call.
Amore Pizza
Queensbury, NY

A sheeter would definitely make your life easier. Look carfully at these sheeters. A full pan is a big sheet.
I sheet out an 11" by 15" with no problems.

I spoke with someone at Somerset. I asked about the CDR-2000. He said they have other customers that use it for the full sheet and have no issues. How wide does yours sheet? Do you think it would handle at 50oz dough?

What make and model do you have?

Somerset cdr-1500s

absolutely find an older Acme MR11 and smile everyday

Hey, would you mind sharing your dough recipe for your thin and crispy pizza dough with the dough sheeter? We are considering getting a sheeter because we are tired of buying frozen thin crust. It takes up so much space.

I have only made it twice and it was pretty good. I used a hand roller(took 10 minutes) I want a sheeter same reason as you though.

you can call me at 804-309-1807 and I will tell you all I know. I have saved recipes on my computer when I get home at 10:30.

Its very different process

Would you email me what recipes you have? Please.