Dough rollers

We currently have 2 different dough rollers a Somerset model and a Acme model they both seem to be acting up and should be reconditioned does anyone of where we could send these to be rebuilt, Also what type of dough roller is the best (ie) few breakdowns, ease of operation, fix youself etc. Thanks in advance… Tony

You may be surprised and be able to tackle it on your own. Have you taken them apart and cleaned them? Have you tried replacing (or even tightening) the chain?

You can get the chains from a garden center.

The hardest time is the first, but after that it really is easy to maintenance.


I’d been using my Somerset one for 2.5 years without any problems… i take it apart about every month and clean out the hard chunks of dough built-up in the corners. Works fine after that. What kind of problems are you having?

We normally don’t see much in the line of problems with dough rollers unless they have been in storage for a while, and then only if the rollers are steel, then rust can be a problem. This can be addressed with emeory paper if not too bad, of if real bad, the rollers are easily removed and sent to a machine shop to be turned and polished on a lathe, then they’re as good as new. Chains and sprockets are also easily replaced. The biggest problem that I see with dough rollers is lack of proper cleaning. Make sure you are removing and thoroughly cleaning all of the scrapers. We had one here with a “hidden” scraper that never got cleaned, then when we started having problems with the dough sticking we discovered pieces of dried dough in the mangled dough piece, we found the culprit and it now gets cleaned regularly and we don’t have any more problems…so long as everything gets cleaned. One more thing, make sure the scrapers are all installed properly…I know first hand “Oops” that can cause problems too.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor