Dough rounder dilemma

Our shop has decided to open a satellite location in order to keep up with par baked take and bake pies and other prep work. We are considering a dough rounder in order to streamline the process, however, they seem to be elusive or priced beyond our means. Will this machine even help in actually speeding up the process? Any suggestions or advice will be appreciated. Thanks

We use one in 1 of our locations and not the other. My experience is if you have someone that is a good worker and knows what they’re doing,it doesn’t make much difference. It is helpful with new, inexperienced people. But only moves as fast as they do.

I purchased a dough rounder approx 20yrs ago and it has paid for itself many times over…unless you have a very high hydration dough and/or low volume operation, it is a no brainer

Thanks for the input. Guess there’s only one way to find out!

I recommend getting one. It makes cutting and rolling dough a one person job. I find with two people doing it they tend to slow each other down talking etc. All my shops have them.

For sure. This location will only be staffed by one or 2 employees since it’s focus will be primarily on wholesale take and bakes. The majority of the equipment has already been sourced, but since I come from an old school pizza family there has been some reluctance to embrace a more automated process. At the moment we’re trying to navigate through the regulatory process ie: USDA vs FDA. The first has jurisdiction over pizzas topped with more than 2% meat, and the FDA oversees the rest. Anyways, I’m definitely on the hunt for at least a dough rounder. Thanks