Dough Rounder

We ended up getting at 900-t used. We have cleaned it thoroughly. However, anytime we try to use it, it put little black marks on the dough. It is like it is picking up dirt in the grooves. It is very clean when we start the dough so I dont know where it is coming from. We will run dough through it (throwing it away) after this break apart the unit and there is discolored small dough pieces in the unit. For those of you who own the 900-T, Any ideas?

The coating on the “screw” is worn off. Somebody probably cleaned it repeatedly with a rough scrubbie. Once this coating is worn off the dough gets discolored by the aluminum(?) screw. Unfortunately it is a very expensive piece to replace. A and M charges almost $2000 for it. If you ask for a blemished one, they will sell it for about $1500 and it will work just fine.

One other thought that might be a bit cheaper for you if it is the problem. The metal base that rotates and has two pins that drive the “drum” that turns should have a white plastic piece that sits on the top of it. When you drop the dough through the center of the screw it should come into contact with the plastic piece at the bottom, not the metal base. Missing this plastic piece might cause the dough to pick up the black marks from the metal base. Not as likely as the finish wearing off of the screw though.