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I am involved in a loosley ran franchise and was wondering about starting to make our own dough. right now we have a local bakery who makes all the dough for the franchise. we may be allowed to start making our own dough( in discussions with the franchise president now). What my question is how much savings is there in making our own dough. We have the prep space and holding/proofing space but what i need to know is how much labor is needed and what the material cost. We will need to make about 500 18 oz dough balls and 500 12 oz dough balls a week. any input would be appreciated and if you need more info i will gladly post.

It costs me just about $28 in product to produce 165 pounds of dough. It takes about 30 or so minutes start to finish but I have the added investments in a dough rounder and a larger mixer than most. I do not consider this 30 minutes a directly attributable cost to the dough as I would still probably staff the same on most of my shifts even if I had premade dough.

$28 in product to produce 165 pounds of dough

Paul, I need to attend a training session from you. @ $10/25lb flour, I can’t touch what you’re doing!!

I’m paying 12.26 for 50Lbs High Gluten flour. Oil, yeast and other ingredients cost about $3 per 100LB flour batch.

The first thing you will need to do is to find your direct ingredient/dough cost. There are some readily available Excel programs that will do this for you, or you can do it manually (cost per pound X pounds or fraction of a pound used in your dough) this will give you the ingredient cost for your dough, the rule is to multiply the ingredient cost by 2.5 to find the “true” cost of making the dough, which includes all labor and overhead. If you divide this by the number of dough balls you get from the dough, you will have your true cost to make a dough ball. Compare that to what you are presently paying.
I hope this helps.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

thanks everyone all that info helps