Dough Scale

Just wondering what scale you guys use for weighing dough. We have used Rubbermaid / Pelouze scales for years, but need to replace our dough scale. It is getting slow weighing the dough and is a little inaccurate. Do you go with a digital or analog scale? We tried a digital for awhile (taylor te32ft) but the top kept coming off! What a pain. I like the fact that the analog is so fast, you can see exactly where its going to stop almost instantly. Thank you for your suggestions!

We’ve been using a Taylor THD32D with an air dashpot for quick stopping but the last time I needed a replacement I bought a Pelouze scale that absolutely sucks. The stainless platform snaps onto a platform below it and now comes off with nearly every dough ball. I just purchased two more Taylor dial scales for $75 each and will probably continue to buy these through the rest of my pizza years.

I would go with Paul’s selection.
George Mills

A & D Digital scale. Works great .Just bought a new one from The 26lb capacity one

Edit. It comes with a Stainless top which we discard and use the plastic below. Uses 4 D Batteries, we’ve never bought the A/C adapter