Dough Sheeters

Does anyone one here use them. What are the pros and cons. I’m thinking of buying one for my store.

I’m sure this is an incomplete list but here goes …

Easy to operate (high school kids can immediately begin preparing dough)

Safety (don’t stick your hands in the openings!)
Reduces the amount of air bubbles in finished dough (squeezes out the air)

I use a sheeter, and would never consider not doing so. But it is undeniable that a sheeter gives you a crust/skin/dough that is different than tossing or pressing or whatever. Ya gotta pick one style and stick with it.

We do two styles, our hand formed/tossed is just that, all done by hand. We also do a deep-dish which we cut, ball, then run through a sheeter to ‘roll’ the ball out to size. From there it’s a simple matter of laying the dough disc into the pan, trimming the edge, and popping it in the rack to talk to itself for a couple of days. I’ve done it by hand…would NEVER go back.

Watch out, it’s against federal labor laws to allow anyone under 18 to operate a dough sheeter.

I’m guessing that’s why the ‘big 3’ don’t use sheeters? Their shops seem to be exclusively operated by kids.

We weigh and ball roll from bulk dough then light dust in flour and put them through the sheeter and push out near to screen size with the docker wheel. Place the skin on the screen and stretch to size. Easy pezy. No lots of flour floating around like required for hand tossing which is good if doing gluten free bases - reduces flour in the enviroment.
We only let those of approved age work them and then under supervision with a senior (or really old f@rt like me).
BTW gregster, Dominos and PH here use presses to make their bases - they are a pizza “factory” and everything needs to be uniform (not rustic and authentic like hand tossed or rolled like the independents) that’s why the big 3 don’t have them, plus the correct analogy you made about kids.


Can minors operate the ‘presses’ or are they ‘dangerous’ also?

(When I worked at Dominos many years ago, it was hand tossed too.)

Not sure on that one as they only put the ball on the plate and bring the handle down. As far as our laws go no-one under the age of 15 can operate any machinery and after that until 18 must be supervised.
For me I wouldn’t let them anyway in case they stuffed it up by misuse