Dough Shell Question

I am opening a pizzeria, I know how to make sauce, pasta, etc… can make dough. not good at tossing I am learning. However, a friend of mine owns a pizza shell compnay and told me he will make me fresh shells par baked for 85 cents each which I think is a good price, what are your thoughts on this… Im new to this whole owning a pizzeria so go easy on me…

take the time to learn to hand toss, or buy a dough press…you will not be able to build a successful business using parbaked shells…its not that hard…

Parbaked dough is okay but making your own dough is going to give you a better taste. If you can afford a dough mixer and all the necessary tools needed to make your own dough you could save alot of money. Just off the top of my head I can tell you that for a 16" pie the dough cost will be between .50 and .60 cents less than what your friend will charge you. If you project selling 50 pies a day 7 days a week: .50 X 50 X 7 = $175.00 a week less food cost. Thats over $9000.00 savings each year!

In my opinion, having your own dough is part of your signature. If you use someone elses dough, then it will make you more like your friend down the street. And if I can learn how to make pizza by hand, anyone can.

I just seperated from what was essentially a Franchise where I was required to buy dough from the main store.
Now that Iam making my own dough I am selling MORE pizza than before. Learn to toss the dough yourself. It really isn’t that hard and you vcan keep your food cost down. I was paying .75 a ball and it costs me a little over .19 now.

I agree! Loosing just a few cents per order might not seem like much, but it can really add up over time.