dough skins . . . which side up?

I had a strange thought last weekend while stretching the dough for some orders. Which side of the dough should be up to receive the toppings? The rounded top, somwhat smoother side, or the bottom, somewhat tackier side. Inquiring minds want to know the answer to this Swiftian dilemma.

I put the top of the doughball to the top of the pie when I am thinking about it. When I am not thinking about it, I cannot remember which way I go :?

I’m predicting at least 4 pages on this debate.

Do you flatten, dock and stretch the dough, and do you flour both sides… If so are they not really the same thing then…?

Smooth side up! - we prefer a little cornmeal on the bottom 4 xtra crunch? (MM 360 dark disks)

Ours is mostly smooth side up. We pull the dough place it in a flour/cornmeal mix, take it out and stretch it with a little docking. On occasion when someone forgets and flips the dough out of the flour mix we can’t really notice a difference in it after it cooks.

:shock: THANKS A LOT NICK!! :shock:

As if I did not have enough things to worry about running a pizza shop, now I find myself looking a pizza dough and trying to decide which side is up!!
We never really paid attention to this issue before. I just did two larges and realized that in the process of tossing the dough I turned it several times and had no idea which side was up when proofed until I looked it over. Hopefully Tom does not weigh in and say this is important or I will go nuts trying to keep track of kids tossing dough. :!:

It’s not like a huge deal for most people, I’m sure. Even when we are done flouring and stretching, we can pretty much tell which was the top/smooth side in the dough pan. Slight difference in the dough surface. If I were to use a power roller, then I could see where there would be no difference after coming out between the rollers.

I suspect we just begun to hear from folks, though.

I learned at both Dominos and Papa Johns that the side that starts down in the dough tray should be the up side on the screen.

but Paul, which side goes into the mix 1st? Top or Bottom? You’ve only added 2 the confusion 4 Nick!

I’d agree with Paul - smooth side down.

There is nothing you can not learn on “Think Tank”…Keep up the great work…

We put the tackier side down to keep the dough from shrinking on the screen. We also didn’t use any flour or cornmeal when we did the skins. We opened them up with a french rolling pin. Then finished them out by hand.

Nick like the funny show BOTTOMS UP

I need some excedrin… :?