dough that isn't "breading" through

I use the tom lehman style dough management. 1% cake yeast 58 percent hydration 1.75 salt. ball it up cross stack in cooler etc.

My problem is lately the dough wants to flatten down like a pancake and its soft without sringback whcn you to touch it. as a result my dough has not been breading though how it usually does. was wondering what are some potential causes of this?


How does the dough look as it comes from the mixer? Is it softer and more extensible (stretchy) than normal, or does the dough flatten out overnight? It sounds like you might have a yeast problem. Compressed yeast that has been temperature abused, or is too old, will be lacking in fermentation power, as well as exhibit a weakening affect upon the dough. You might see if you can find some active dry yeast (use it at half of you compressed yeast level, or better yet, some instant dry yeast (use it at 40% of your compressed yeast level). The IDY can be added directly to the flour as it comes from the bag, but the ADY will need to be hydrated in at least four times it’s weight of water at 100F).
Also, just to confirm, you are not allowing the compressed yeast and the salt/sugar to come into direct contact with each other, either dry or in the water for any length of time…right?
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

when it comes out of of the mixer it isn’t all that stretchy… but as it “rises” over time it wants to flatten out more like a pancake than a expanding ball…

i use fresh cake yeast. add the salt to the water then flour then sprinkle cake yeast on top.

i also was thinking it could be the freshness of the yeast. how long does cake yeast last? what else could cause the dough to be flat and lifeless?

We had a similar situation happen once. We use ADY and the thermometer we were using was broken and so the water used to rehydrate the yeast was too hot which killed it. We then had pancakes in the walk-in. So just my guess is that your yeast is not good.

Compressed yeast has a maximum life of about 30-days, but you will see significant deterioration in quality after about 2-weeks.
Can you share your dough formula and dough management procedure with me?
What kind of flour are you using?
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor