Dough tray substitute?

Hi guys, i really want to start using the overnight ferment procedure in my pizzeria to improve the flavour and quality of my pizzas. The problem is that i cant fit dough trays in any of my refrigerators. I found some poly carbonate gastronorm containers
Would these be an acceptable substitute? They are slightly smaller than dough trays and will fit perfectly in my cooler.

if you can fit a standard sheet pan 18*26 in your refer you can cover it with plastic and place another sheet pan upside down over it nad then you can stack several up like that

you can always find sheet pans pretty cheap

Years and years & years ago (lol) I used to use some round ZipLock bowls/lids & stacked 'em some plastic bread trays…

We just sprayed them with spray release & didn’t have to really round them, as they proofed round in the container…

A bit of a cleaning chore as well, but we used 'em for years…a bit pricey if you need to get several 100 - I hit a few walmart 2 get my supply

Check this thread:

I have been using Tom Lehmann’s method of plastic bags for awhile. The dough balls cool down faster and using this method, I have save a lot of room. No need to cross-down stack. I have been using 8"x15" plastic bags bought at the Restaurant Store. Also, saves on dish washing.