Dough Trays

I’m looking to buy 100 dough trays.
Which are the best and who sells them?
plastic? Noryl, ABS,
I got some cheap ones a while back that are real slippery and break too easily.
Thanks, Paul

I will only use the fiberglass trays manufactured by They cost a bit more than the plastic ones but they last much longer and seal much better. You can get these for approximately $17-18 each including shipping if you buy 144. I’ve only been able to buy direct while at pizza expo, but you can order through Northern Pizza Equipment and get them drop shipped directly to you.

We’ve purchased from (National Marketing in Michigan) and have always been very pleased with their service. Prices and shipping were about the best we found as well.

The ones made by WRH Industries are the best that I have every used. They are a sort of plastic / teflon hybrid. Super easy to clean, won’t crack and very hard to scratch. Last time I bought them I got them from

If you go to craiglist in Cleveland somebody has 90 Boxes for sales that were from Dominoes

Thanks for all the feedback

Sam, I did a crazedlist search for cities within a couple hours drive and found 40 in Austin
but they look to be the cheap kind. I had bought a dozen of them brand new a while back and ended up sticking them in my storage shed because they were so slippery and flimsy.