Dough Weight

When you cut dough to the proper weight and let it rise in the walk-in cooler, does it get lighter as it rises? I don’t know whether it should be getting lighter or whether we have employees not cutting to the proper weight.


I’ve never noticed it losing weight. I have caught people getting lazy though about weighing the dough. Are you talking in terms of a few ounces or just fractions of an ounce?
Tom R

They should not be losing weight unless they are really drying out. The main change that is happening from the fermentation is they are proofing out, and that just means Co2 is forming as a byproduct of the yeast metabolism and expanding the dough. Co2 is heavier than air so you aren’t loosing weight there, I would say that your cooks are not weighing properly.

The dough will get lighter in that the density of the dough will get less as the dough rises slightly in the cooler, but the dough should NOT lose any weight in the cooler. Typically, your dough pieces should be +/- one-fourth of an ounce from the target weight. So if you are scaling at a targed 10-ounces your acceptable scaling error can be from 9.75 to 10.25-ounces.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

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Thank you!!

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