Dough weights and sizes...

Thinkin about thickening up my dough a tad, anyone want to share their weights?

I have a 10,12,14,16 and 20 inch pizza…

10" = 10 oz
12" = 14 oz
14" = 20 oz
18" = 29 oz

2 weights only: 10oz & 18oz

10" = 13 oz
12" = 18 oz
16" = 25 oz

We make a braided crust, so we need a little bit more than most places.

12" 12oz
14" 18oz
16" 25oz

Some of the weights posted by posters above look strange to me when comparing the weights vs size. Do you have trouble with needing different cook times or temps to get the same results for different sizes? My impression has always been that the doughball weight and the size it is used for have an impact on cook time and temp.

On our dough I get the following calculations:

12" 113 square inches so .11 oz per sq"
14" 154 square inches so .12 oz per sq"
16" 201 square inches so .12 oz per sq"

We have tied 10 & 11oz for 12", 17 & 19oz for 14", and 24 & 26oz for 16" and settled where we are for the kind of dough that we want to present. If we used an 18oz dough for a 12" pie it would not cook up the same way as our 25oz does on our 16" unless we changed the cook time and/or temp.