dough won`t brown

Having problems with crust browning (again) this is a problem thats appears from time to time ,we dont change anything ,time temp flour recipe etc yet crust seems to remain very light ,anyone experiece this problem,
we are making our dough useing cold water and .3 % idy goes directly into the cooler and used 2 - 4 days later ,
could the problem be the dough is getting to old? this seems to be happening since we got our last batch of flour, also I dont know if its related but normally as the dough gets older we see black spots appear, but lately this isnot happening , any ideas?

A couple of questions: Do you add any sugar to your dough formula?
Do you bake in a deck or air impingement oven?
If you don’t add any sugar and you are baking in a deck oven, you should be baking right on the deck,with a baking temperature of about 525F. If you have any one of the older air impingement ovens (not one of the new, high efficiency ones) you should be using 2 to 3% sugar to hold the dough for up to 4-days in the cooler. If you have one of the new, high efficiency air impingement ovens, and it is correctly profiled for YOUR pizzas, you can get away without useing any sugar in the dough formula, but you will need to bake at between 475 and 500F, assuming the oven is correctly profiled. This is where the Hearth Bake Disks form Lloyd Pans really come in handy, as they allow you to bake at high temperatures without creating a “pizza bone” of the edge crust.
If you have an older air impingement oven, try reducing the temperature down to 450F with a baking time of 6.5-minutes.
One other thing, what is your finished dough temperature? The dough temperature right after mixing should be in the 75 to 80F range if you intend to hold the dough for up to 4-days, if you will only hold the dough for up to 3-days, target for 80 to 85F. Make sure to cross stack the dough boxes for about 2-hours in the cooler brfore down stacking and storing for the night.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

we are using a middleby ps200 series ovens. Im not to sure if the profile is right Iv tried different setups but its not to easy getting the right information on this side of the water,
we dont use any sugar in the dough , and we`re cooking for 6.30 minutes at 454 f
we dont have this problem all the time just every so often ,which leads me to believe it could be something to do with the flour, I have tried the disk from loyd pans but I dont see much difference from the screens, so I must not have my ovens set correctly?

Those old 200 series ovens were not the “brightest bulbs on the string”, so my recommendation is to reduce the bake temperature to something in the 430 to 445F range and set the time for a 7 to 7.5-minute bake, you’re right about the Hearth Bake Disks, they were not intended for the older types of air impingement ovens, they just don’t have enough airflow to allow them to work properly. We have had much better success with their Power Disks with these ovens.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor