My dough forms bubbles while baking. Is my dough rising too much or not enough? I use active- dry yeast.

I’m guessing it’s a matter of heat getting trapped under your crusts, not a dough problem. Your dough isn’t being docked well enough before putting your toppings on, most likely. We also had a huge problem with this for our cheese and pepperoni pizzas because the toppings were not as heavy. Started adding a little more sauce to those and problem was solved.

we use a heavy-duty metal docker instead of the plastic type docker and it made a big difference

sfranchi, tell me/us about your dough handling process. Blisters/bubbles is also a symptom of inadequate fermentation and/or cold dough going into the oven. I have found that if my dough is sufficiently mature, and I let it temper at room temp for 30 to 45 minutes before baking, then I get little to no bubbling whatsoever.

How are you handling your dough?