Does dough have sit out for any hour before using or does anyone use it right out of the cooler? It seems that in the warmer months it does not last very long on the prep table? If you use it right out of the cooler will it lose any of it’s flavor or texture?


Pizza Man;
If the dough is taken directly from the cooler to the prep table and then immediately to the oven, many doughs will exhibit a propensity to bubble, badly, I might add. Docking the dough may, or may not help in this case. I would suggest that you try it to see if your dough bubbles or not. Most doughs will bubble if not allowed to temper at room temperature before using. Once you begin using the dough (after tempering) the time that the dough is good to use will be between two and three hours. Any dough not used in this time period can be opened and placed on screens, then placed on wire tree racks in the cooler, uncovered for 30-minutes, then slip a bag over the rack, and the dough can be held for the duration of the day. To use the pre-opened dough (comes in handy when you get slammed) simply remove the rack from the cooler, leaving it covered, and allow it to temper at room temperature for 20 to 30-minutes, then begin using the skins to fill your orders. Note: If you bake on screens, DO NOT just leave the dough on the screen, dress and bake. The dough will bake into the screen (not pretty). Instead, remove the dough skin from the screen and reposition it back on the screen, then proceed with dressing and baking the dough skin in the normal manner.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We have a rack to put dough trays on. Under the dough tray with dough balls we keep a tray full of ice.

Actually, if you can, put the ice above the dough balls. Since cold air is heavier than warm air, it will cool the dough balls better on top rather than on the bottom.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Tried it. The tray drips condensation drops on the dough.