where do you get your dough, do you make it yourself, how much does 25lbs bag cost you? thanks

I make all mine. A 25# bag of flour costs me about $27.

$27, OUCH! I guess there’s not many wheat fields in Japan. Where does your supplier import flour from?

My flour is imported from beikoku, the Rice country. I suppose in English that would be called the United States of America though.

Shipping 25kilos of flour over the ocean adds a bit to the cost I guess. One thing I did notice though is I pay $27 for a 25 KILO bag of flour. One Kilo is 2.2 pounds, so my prices are only half as outrageous as they seemed.

still…OUCH!!! we just had an increase to 11.50/50#

I make my own dough and 20kg of flour costs $10.53 Canadian. If you do the math it works out to $5.23 US for 25lbs.

as for making dough, go to PMQ homepage and look under recipes and you will find some good ones… making dough is easy, doing it well takes time and effort…do it by hand to begin with, do not make more than about 50 ounces at a time by hand or the labor will be too hard,