does any one use brown sugar in there dough
if so,is there a difference in % of regular sugar

Brown sugar is added by persons who think it is more healthy than regular, refined, white sugar. Truth of the matter is that all sugar produced in the U.S. today is taken to the white, refined sugar stage and then some of the black strap molasses that was originally pulled off is added back to make “brownulated” sugar. Aside from the color of the sugar, there really isn’t any difference between the two sugars when making a yeast leavened dough. If you are looking to make a flavor impact upon the finished crust look at using either molasses, or honey. Both will contribute to a unique flavor in the crust, this is especially good in a wheat, whole wheat, or multi-grain type crust. When it cones to use levels, you can go to about 5% with molasses, 10 to 15% with honey, or 8 to 10% with brown sugar. Remember, the more sugar you add, the more of the unique flavor of the sugar you will get, and at the same time, the crust will taste sweeter.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

if i go with the honey,will i need to adjust the water?

Well…yes and no. Honey contains roughly 20% water, so to be absolutely correct you would reduce the water by 20% (1/5) of the honey weight. In real life though this isn’t enough difference in absorption to worry about.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor