Hey guys how do you figure the ingredient % on a batch of dough when using 50lbs. I have seen breakdowns on this site but are the percentages based on 50lbs?


I think the question may be really simply answered. The percentages never change. You just type 50# into the flour line that is always 100%, then use the other % figures to get their weights. For example, if you have 58% water, then you use 29 lbs.

For 25 lbs flour, the percentages stay the same, just the actual weights change.
25 lb flour 100%
14.5lbs water 58% and so on.

You can set up an Excel spreadsheet really easily using your percentages. Leave the first line for flour blank. You type that in. For all the other ingredients, set up a multiplier to multiply with the flour weight to get the correct amount. Then, whatever number you plug in the first cell, you get the correct weight of the other ingredients. Did I answer the question?

from what I understand, other than calculating the h2o in lbs…I think it is easier to convert the 50 lbs of flour to 800 ounces for calculating the percentages for the other ingredients (salt, sugar, oil, and yeast)


Second column in the spreadsheet would convert the decimal lbs value into ounces by multiplying by 16. It really makes life so much simpler in talking to other professionals when you talk in terms of 50# of flour. not many here buy it by the ounce. The kilogram and gram, on the other hand, are VERY useful in these sorts of calculations.

I agree. Go metric for on the fly calculations.

Thanks for your input. I started a different thread for Tom based on his dough recipe. The breakdown for the ingredients seemed low or less than what we put. I use Cerosota flour and I am trying to perfect a dough that is crunchy in the middle. The same taste when you sheet a crust and let it sit for 15-30 minutes. Trying to acccomplish that rising of the dough without actually sheeting the crust. Also do you know about whether it is better to add lard or vegetable oil to the dough to get a more textured end dough?


If you want to calculate the percent for each ingredient simple divide the weight of each ingredient by the weight of the flour and multiply by 100. Remember, flour is always 100%. For example, 50-pounds of flour and 4-ounces of yeast. What is the percent of yeast? First, the ingredient and flour weight must be in the same weight units (pounds, ounces, grams, kilograms, etc.) Lets do it in ounces; 50 X 16 = 800 So, 4 divided by 800 = 0.005 X100 = 0.5%
If you want to calculate the weight of each ingredient for 50-pounds of flour, and you already have the ingredient percentages ( say 1.75%) this is what you do: Using a calculator, enter the flour weight, in this case 50 X 1.75 then press the “%” key and read the answer ( 0.875-pounds) in the display window. Remember, the answer will always be in the same weight units as the flour is shown in. To change the above answer to ounces, simply multiply by 16; 0.875 X 16 =14-ounces.
I hope this helps.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor