Doughing for it!

Yes, I’m doughing for it – I’m opening up a food truck!

My name is Jill and I took early retirement from a corporate IT program manager job recently with desire to open a food truck. I have a good start on the concept which includes pizza - my go to favorite dish and sliders made from pizza dough.

I’m working through a lot of planning and design decisions right now with the truck specs, equipment, mobile permits, menu /recipe development, hiring, etc with plans to launch this June. OMG … what am I getting myself into!?? Oh heck, I’m going to live a long time and what else do I have to do? This is going to be great fun and a lot of work but I kinda like that. :slight_smile:

This forum looks great. I have already been researching on it and found lots of great advice on dough making. I plan to continue to monitor the threads and post my questions in hopes of learning from all of you.

I’m so excited about the journey and meeting some of you along the way.

Good luck Jill. This forum is an awesome place to learn and to trade ideas.