DoughSafe Doughbox Bags any reviews

DoughSafe Doughbox Bags any reviews. Has anyone tried these dough try liners? If so what was your experience.

  1. Did you have to change your water amount as suggested.
  2. Was the time saved from washing override the cost.
  3. Did it change your dough performance as far as getting it off the plastic and sticking problems.
  4. How about the bottom of the dough tray not being washed how did you handle that?

Sounds interesting. I ordered the free samples.
I have some dough trays with hard to remove mold stains
Maybe just a quick wipe of the dough tray bottoms when putting them away instead of washing them

Got samples and they were used yesterday. I’ll post pics and operational feedback soon. My manager told me they went on easily. He sprayed all but one with release spray. Now we’ll have to be sure to keep trays level when moving, as bags tend to shift.

Looking good. The one we didn’t spray still lifted off with minimal dough left behind. might be better to alleviate shifting of sprayed trays. I ordered a case of 500 ($75 with shipping) about 2½ weeks supply.


Here’s a couple of pics