Doyon conveyor ovens-Does anyone use one?

I am looking to purchase a new conveyor oven for my pizza kitchen and was told about Doyon conveyor ovens. I have used Lincoln 1450’s in the past and were happy with them, but was wondering about something new and /or better. Can someone help me out on this? (good and bad info is appreciated).


I have a double stack of Doyon FC2G ovens. I started with one and at the 2 year mark added the second. I love the way they cook but they are very loud. The double stack does take a bit of room as well. The shorter cut people have some trouble getting the heavier pizzas from the top oven as it belt is quite high.

Hi Richie

What model Doyon oven are you looking at?
That is a good company. They produce a beautiful line of products for the bakery and pizza industry. I know of no pizza group using their ovens. They are a Canadian company and perhaps have some coverage in Canada. I have heard nothing bad about their pizza ovens but actually I have heard nothing much about them at all.

George Mills

There is a small franchise group out of Vancouver BC that uses them. That is where I first saw one in action. They seem to be quite reliable. I have known of one here in my city that has been in operation for 5 years with no troubles.

:smiley: Thanks to all of you for your input about the Doyon ovens. It is difficult to navigate through the many many brands of ovens. They are expensive and I hate to make expensive mistakes. Your info is truly appreciated.

Anybody know how they actually compare to Lincolns? I also was told about ZESTO ovens, also from Canada. A friend of mine in Maine uses them in his four stores and swears by them. What do you guys know about them?


Hi Richie;

In my experience the best ovens on the market are the XLT, The Lincoln and the Middleby.

The above ovens are in use by many thousands of pizza shops throughout the world. Why would you consider anything else? If there were better ovens, for use in carry out and delivery shops, the top companies would be useing them. The top companies have the money staff, experience and testing locations to thoughly test and evaluate ovens.

The above units do a superb job of baking, can be used by non experienced help, Produce every pizza exactly the way you have programed them to bake, no over or under baked pizzas and there are models that can pop out pizzas by the hundreds.

A recent comment by Tom Lehmann
“I just recently returned from working with a new store concept using the XLT double deck oven in conjunction with the Hearth Bake Disks and we were making absolutely fantastic New York style pizzas and both dinner and berakfast calzones, in addition to dessert pizzas, all from a single deck of that oven. The second deck will come into play when the store opens and the additional production capacity is needed.” Tom Lehmann

I recommend you compare the three outstanding ovens shown above for Price, warranty, Ease of cleaning, required maintenance procedures, and future parts cost . Based on those factors make your decision.

George Mills

A little off topic but…I have a Doyon PIZ6 on order. Deck style oven and not a conveyor…but give me a little while and I’ll let you know what I think.

keep me posted on how you like it. Thanks again to all for your input.

George, I sent you a PM. I have heard that you are one of the nicest equipment suppliers to work with. Can you contact me?

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hey, what exactly is a “deck style oven not conveyor”?

I have sent you my EMail and 800 number Via private message.
Let me know if you get it.
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